The idea first expressed in the small lounge founding kilometer 40 of the Pan American highway, with 50 seats, became, through hard work, creativity and time, the concept of a major chain restaurants in the region, with the best deal, the best quality and the best price as priority objectives.

The innovative all-inclusive applied to the main gastronomic tradition Argentina, roast, made with the best raw materials market and offered at a fixed price, with no surprises or hidden costs were key when the recognition of our customers and visitors.

Openning in 1993, the first store grew to be able to receive more than 300 people. Then in 1996, we opened our branch San Isidro, on the street Dardo Rocha, with capacity for 350 people. But it was our landing in Puerto Madero the data that sealed the deal with Argentine and foreign: opened in 1999, is the flagship of the chain, with 450 concurrent covered.